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John and Mara Firestone
1981 Camaro Z28


I am the 2nd owner of this car.  I purchased it from the original owners in April of 2007.  The car has a lot of documentation including, original window sticker, build sheet, service records, and owners manual and related items. The car still wears it original paint and it has 147,000 miles on it.  I completed the process of rebuilding engine, resealing the Borg Warner Super T10, and detailing under hood items to factory fresh condition early 2008.


  • Original VIN matched 5.0L Engine .030" overbore
  • Replaced factory dish pistons with flat top pistons.
  • Installed larger intake valves (1.94) and improved flow with Cerdi.
  • Improved Cam vs stock (Summit #1102 Advertised Duration 262/ 272, Lift .420/.442) Still CA smog legal.
  • Factory installed exhaust still on car including dual GM resonators.

New Carpet and seat covers from Bowtie Muscle Parts

Original Factory Window Sticker!


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