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1980 Camaro Z28
Terry White

  • 1980 Camaro Z28
  • 305 cu in 4bbl
  • Automatic Trans
  • Factory, functional Air Inducion hood and fender vents
  • Spoiler Equipment
  • 95K Original miles

I've owned this '80 Z28 for about 6 years. We originally bought it for my son when he was 16. I had a customer on my mail route who was a fireman and on his days off would redo Camaros and sell them. When we went to look at what cars he was redoing , he had this 80 that he completely restored for himself. Unfortunately, It was out of our price range for our son's first car, if he were to sell it. We went on vacation and when we got back there was a message from the fireman that he needed to sell the 80 right away and would give me a good deal. We bought it and gave it to our son. We wouldn't let him drive it to HS because of it's great condition. 6 months later he bought a SUV and the 80 became ours. It is used as a backup and is kept covered in the garage.

The plan now is to keep it original (except:exaust system and engine cosmetics) as a cruiser and for CG functions.

Terry White scored himself a ride in a 2001 B4C CHP Camaro at the 2002 Cops-N-Rodders car show at the CHP academy in west Sacramento. This was no leisurely trip around the 1.9 mile track. It was a full on 130mph blast! Entering turns at 80mph and getting sideways with tires smokin! All at the hands of a professional CHP trainer. Congrats Terry!!











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